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Images: (from top to bottom) Life-size statue of Clemente by Juan Orcena outside the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in Puerto Rico; Clemente’s original bronze plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame; bronze medallion


His Story


Roberto Clemente’s name graces a modern baseball stadium in Carolina and the Coliseum in San Juan, keeping his memory alive in his hometown. These gestures might be expected. But they are only the beginning.

Image: The main sports center in Puerto Rico was named in honor of Roberto Clemente.

Clemente’s name has been used for stadiums, schools, hospitals, and highways in Puerto Rico, the United States, Nicaragua, and places as distant as Germany.

After his death, Major League Baseball established an award that bears Clemente’s name, recognizing the player who, besides being a good athlete, emulates Clemente’s philanthropy and humanitarianism.

In Puerto Rico an award in his name is given at public schools to those who excel as athletes, students, and citizens.

"… there are 45 schools in the States that are named after Roberto and there are Roberto Clemente Leagues that play in the Roberto Clemente Park…"
—Vera Clemente


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